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Smart-San™ Product List
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Smart-San Product List / Price Quote

The Power to stay healthy, enhance and improve wellness in schools, workplaces, and homes Is In Your Hands, and brings us one step closer to being Healthy People in a Healthy World.

For a price quote on Smart-San™ Products, simply fill out the quantities you want and the contact information below and we will be in contact with you with a price.  We are looking forward to working with you.

Hand Sanitizers Quantity
Item Number Product Description  
SMA0048U Smart-San 2 x 24 x 2 oz. (fragrance-free)
SMA0015U Smart-San 12 x 500mL (fragrance-free)
SMA0016U Smart-San 6 x 1 liter (fragrance-free; use wI AD10020)
SMA0016 Smart-San 6 x 1 liter (Fresh & Clean fragrance)
SMA0019 Smart-San Healthcare Personnel Handwash 6 x 1 liter
SMA0020U Smart-San 6 x 1 liter refill for ADl 0042 (fragrance-free)
SA10036 Alpet E3 Plus 48 x 4 oz.
SA10012 Alpet E3 Plus 6 x 1 liter
SA10014 Alpet E3 Plus 4 x 1 gallon
SA10013 Alpet E3 Plus 50 gallon drum
SA20002 Alpet E3 Plus Secondary Container 500mL, single (empty)
SA2000 Alpet E3 Plus Secondary Container 1 liter, single (empty)
Surface Sanitizers  
Item Number Product Description  
SS10010 Alpet D2 48 x 4oz.
SS10009 Alpet D2 4 x 1 quart
SS1000 Alpet D2 12 x 1 quart
SS10002 Alpet D2 5 gallon pail w/ spigot
SS10001 Alpet D2 50 gallon drum
SS10004 Alpet D2 Secondary Container 12 x 1 quart (empty)
SS20010 Alpet D2 Secondary Container 1 gallon, single (empty)
Item Number Product Description  
SMAW006 Smart-San All Purpose Wipes
SMAW002 Smart-San Surface Cleaning Wipes
SS1000SP Best Refillable Wiping System 6 x 1 canisters wi towels
SS10005-R Best Wiping System Refill Roll 6 x 1 rolls
SS10005-B Lockable Wall Bracket for Wipes (black)
SS20012 Lockable Wall Bracket for Wipes (white)
Item Number Product Description  
SO10003 HACCP E2 Soap 4 x 1 gallon
SO10013 HACCP E2 Soap 4 x 1 gallon flat top
SO10016 E2 Softsense Soap 4 x 1 quart for ADS0001 (B)
SO10017 E2 Softsense Antimicrobial Soap 4 x 1 quart for ADS0001 (B)
SO10024 Softensure Foaming Soap 6 x 900 mL (for ADS0015)
SO10026 Softensure Antimicrobial Foaming Soap 6 x 900 mL
Item Number Product Description  
AD10020 AutoMyst Touchless Hand Sanitizer Dispenser (uses SMA0016U refill)
AD10020C AutoMyst (case of 10)
KT10044 AutoMyst Dispenser (w/ tray & poster)
MD10010 Wrist-Activated Dispenser (uses SMA0016U refill)
MD10010C Wrist-Activated Dispenser (case of 10)
MD10006 HACCP 1-2 Knockout (uses SA100141 SO10003 refills)
MD10006C HACCP 1-2 Knockout (case of 10)
MD10012 HACCP EZ Step: foot-activated dispenser (uses SA100141 SO10003 refills)
AD10022 HACCP Prize Fighter Sanitizer Dispenser
ADS0002 HACCP Prize Fighter Soap Dispenser
AD10019 HACCP Champion Sanitizer Dispenser
AD10019S HACCP Champion Soap Dispenser
AD10008 Champion Sanitizer Reservoir
AD10009 Champion Soap Reservoir
Item Number Product Description  
KTS1000 Portable Floor Stand (for Wipes and AutoMyst)
KTS1001 Portable Floor Stand (for SANiSHOT)
LT10011 AutoMyst Hand Sanitizer Station Educational Sign (for AD10020)
LT10012 SANiSHOT Hand Sanitizer Station Educational Sign (for AD10042)
JPP10007S Atomizing Hand Pump for 500 mL bottle
JPP10007 Atomizing Hand Pump for 1 liter bottle
KT10011 Atomizing Hand Pump for 1 gallon bottle
USP10206 N-9S Particulate Respirator Masks - 210 masks (6 boxes of 35 per case)
USP10153 Wall Bracket for 500 mL bottle
USP10200 ToolSan Pouch - single (fits one 40z. bottle of sanitizer)
USP10202 ToolSan Pouch - double (fits two 40z. bottles of sanitizer)
KT10054 ToolSan Kit - double pouch w/40z. Alpet E3 Plus & Alpet D2
KT10001 Prize Fighter Accessories: 6' cord (pre 2003)
KT10032 Prize Fighter Accessories: 6' cord (2003 and later)
ADS0010 AC Adapter for ADS & ADW units
SS10006 Pump-up Sprayer (for Alpet D2)
Sinks & Faucets  
Item Number Product Description  
ADW0001 Touch-Free Deck Mounted Gooseneck Faucet
ADW0003 Touch-Free Deck Mounted Low-Profile Faucet
ADS0001 Deck-Mounted Touch-free Soap Dispenser
ADS0001-B Deck-Mounted Touch-free Soap Dispenser - Brass
JPP10063 Best Sense Stainless Steel Ball Sink w/ wall bracket
JPP10064 Best Sense Stainless Steel Ball Sink (sink only)
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